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All Associated Doors

Insulated Doors

Our range of insulated doors have been designed specifically for use in applications where by there is a requirement to hold temperature. Whether the requirement is for chill or deep freeze temperatures there will be a door to suit your requirements.

With various frame configurations incorporating thermal breaks and frame heating systems there will be a door solution that will offer protection against bacterial growth, withstand high pressure washing and regular cleaning and will provide a durable yet aesthetic solution to your requirements.

Hinged and Sliding Doors of any size with the associated door protection systems are available to suit your application.

Personnel Doors

Our range of 40mm thick foodgrade personnel doors have been designed to complement the wall panel range.

The doors sets with their clamp aluminium or stainless steel frames to suit the various panel thicknesses provide a hygienic finish that will inhibit bacterial growth. The door blade finish is similar to that of wall panel systems and offers a pleasing aesthetic finish.

These door sets are available in single, double and unequal configurations. These door sets are available with a wide range of ironmongery that will be tailored to suit the specific door functional requirements including a wide variety of vision panel and louvre configurations.

Fire Rated Steel Door Sets

Our Fire Rated steel door sets are designed to provide the perfect solution for external and internal applications. Our doors combine the functionality of steel door sets with outstanding aesthetic appeal for use in commercial, industrial and public environments.

These door sets are available in single, double and unequal configurations with further options for side panels, over panels, vision panels and louvres. These door sets are tested to BS 476 Part 22 and offer fire ratings up to 240 minutes integrity.

Various widths and heights are available up to a maximum height of 3500mm and a single door blade width of 1500mm approx. Powder coated frames and blades available in foodsafe white or any other colour from our wide range of standard colours available.

Vision Panels

Fixed lite vision panels available to compliment the wall panel finish. These are available in various sizes and frame thicknesses.

These can be single glazed, to view between rooms of equal temperatures or double glazed to suit rooms of varying temperatures. We can provide heated window systems to view into deep freeze rooms and can design and supply these to suit your requirements.

These units can be glazed in toughened glass or polycarbonate and can be obscured to provide viewing from one side only. These units have frames of white or anodised aluminium which clamp around the panel width and provides a fully sealed aesthetic finish.

Fire Rated Vision Panels

Fire rated vision panels are available to suit our Rockwool Core Panel system, these are finished in 1.2mm stainless steel frames to suit the range of wall thicknesses. These units glazed in 6mm thick shatter proof secure glass and will provide 60 min resistance to BS476 Part 22. These units will provide approx viewing area of 900mm x 900mm.